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There is no reason anyone would want a computer in their home.

Логотип Иннова


INNOVA is Russian company, which mission is the help in realization of innovative ideas and support of domestic innovation.

We consider that each person is talented and capable enough to change the world surrounding him. We help people to make their own way and find the calling.

Social mission

Social mission of the INNOVA Company is to make Russia better, more powerful and independent of external factors, revealing talents and helping them to be realized for the benefit of our Homeland!

INNOVA abilities

INNOVA is the unique company, which is engaged in development of ideas and projects at all stages of their existence: from thought, till their patenting and final transformation into the working business.


  • Helps you to understand the innovativeness of your ideas, decisions and projects
  • Evaluates patentability of idea or project
  • Carries out the search of the interested investors
  • Prepares project to turn into startup
  • Supports startup through development phases
  • Helps startup to become the stable and protected business

Children’s educational center “Generation of Geniuses”

Free from templates and fundamental knowledge the children's and teenage mind often is capable to make out what is hidden from the adult world.

The children's educational center "Generation of Geniuses" is interesting, useful and motivating leisure for teenagers that fulfils the potential of participants.

The generation, which was born during the period from 2000 to 2010, can catch more precisely the changes happening in the world and is capable to foresee what will be relevant in the very near future. Modern children will be creators and as well the consumers of all innovations and discoveries of the future.

INNOVA will help to open the talent of each child, for children we create educational programs of the “Generation of Geniuses” center.